Über by Men's Room

The history of the brand begins in 1998, when Men's Room, the first skin care clinic for men, opened in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, to, as something completely new, give men's skin undivided attention. Later, the clinic opened in Århus, moved to Langebro and opened several branches, and over the years thousands of men came to the clinic, who slowly realized that there was a lack of targeted products meant for men. Developed by someone with the most experience in treating men's skin. It is one thing to have products made, but to rethink men's skin care, which should both work professionally to alleviate skin problems and at the same time function in realistic daily use, took an enormous amount of time. It had to be a quality we could put our name to. All energy was now put into the ultimate most effective series for men and at the headquarters at H.C. Andersens Boulevard in the heart of Copenhagen.

In 2018, our men's clinic launched its self-developed professional fruit acid series, by Men's Room, Professional Skin Care for Men since 1998.
After many years of compromises and professional products that were made with women in mind, we wanted to use our knowledge and experience to work with men as a starting point. Now men can also get potent and effective skin care designed for them. And it works, guaranteed.
25 years of expertise in skin care targeted at men and for home use.

Our customers and therapists are the best ambassadors. The series is out in many clinics, salons and pharmacies across the country. Our mission is to let the effectiveness of the products speak for the series. Honest skin care idealism is the way forward for the skin care series by Men's Room.

We only make products that we ourselves would buy at full price.

Our vision
At by Men's Room, we have the country's greatest expertise in our field. We have many years of experience with skin care for men, specialist knowledge of men's skin, men's habits and their skin conditions. We know which products are good for men's skin and lifestyle. Creams and other products for men must, for example, be effective, but must not be greasy. Products for men's skin must "reach the goal" with a few, simple steps, so that the routine can fit into the busy everyday life. And of course they must be without perfume, color and other feminine decorative ingredients that have no effect.

Professionel hudpleje serie

By Men’s Room er nem og effektiv hudpleje til mænd. Ingen besvær, intet blær; bare en professionel hudplejeserie, der styrker huden med mindst mulig indsats og maksimalt resultat. Produkterne er speciallavede af nogle af landets førende eksperter og passer perfekt til forskellig hud og livsstil.

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Vores vision

Hos by Men’s Room besidder vi landets største ekspertise inden for vores felt. Vi har mangeårig erfaring med hudpleje for mænd, specialviden om mænds hud, mænds vaner og deres hudtilstande. Vi ved, hvilke produkter, der er gode til herrehud og -livsstil. Cremer og andre produkter til mænd skal fx være virksomme, men må ikke fedte. Produkter til mandehud skal "nå i mål" med få, simple trin, så rutinen kan passes ind i den travle hverdag. Og så skal de selvfølgelig være uden parfume, farve og andre feminine pynteingredienser, der er uden effekt.

Med venlig hilsen

Maria Marcuslund-Reuss & Carina Andreasen