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What do the skin care products contain?

by Men's Room is made with quality in mind. Organic plant ingredients, A, B3, C, D and E are vitamins with a high antioxidant effect, Nordic Ecolabel-approved UV filters, food-approved preservation are among the series' ingredients. You can see the full list of ingredients for each product in the shop, so that you, as an allergy sufferer, can check whether you can tolerate it or ask your dermatologist. We are proud of the content, so just ask. You can even read about the pH value. It is a treatment series where your own efforts are added to the professional skin care clinic's tools, but in a way where the products are easy to use. Passwords are the most effect possible in the fewest possible moves.

Are all the skincare products fragrance free?

All products are perfume-free, and the faint scent comes from Sandalwood and Cedarwood, which act as antioxidants and against fungal growth. All preservation is aimed at being food approved and plant ingredients organic. The series does not contain denatured alcohol or mineral oils that clog. Quality must be thought through.

Which skin care products are best for irritated skin?

The series is made to create an optimal healing environment and increase your own skin's barrier function so that it becomes as resistant and strong as possible. This whether you have impure, dry, greasy, prematurely aged or red, sensitive or itchy skin. Shave Cleanser is the cleansing product for the most exposed skin.

Which skin care products are best suited for trimming stubble and closely shaving beards?

Both Control Cleanser and Shave Cleanser are suitable for shaving and good for cleaning beards right down between the hairs. Shave Cleanser has a particularly rich lather for those who prefer it. Both leave the skin moisturized and are the first step in an optimal skin care routine that builds up your own skin's defenses and strength.

What is a back brace used for?

Back brace is a scrubbing tape that can be used to remove dead skin cells all over the body, even where you can't reach. It dries up completely, so you avoid bacterial growth, and it is much gentler than e.g. hemp glove.

Which skin care products do you recommend using at the same time?

You get the most out of using a series together, but if it is too big an investment, you can replace one product at a time. If you have to choose just one to start with, then choose Control Serum, as it will improve any skin care, whether you are new or seasoned super user of products, but otherwise cleanser and cream are the most essential.

Which skin care products are best for dry skin?

Both Control Cleanser, Shave Cleanser, Repair Spray, Control Serum and Defense Cream is your way to well-balanced skin that is neither dry nor feels greasy.

Which skin care products are best for acne or irritated skin?

The biggest difference is seen when using Control serum. If your skin is very delicate, it must first get used to the cleanser and Defense Cream over a week, after which the Control Serum is slowly introduced every other day to every day after one to two weeks. Even if it stings at first, it is the way to robust skin without any problems. Remember, you can always write to us for personal guidance.

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If you need advice and guidance about our skincare products for men, or about which products suit your skin type, you are welcome to contact us on 70878718.