Irriteret hud efter barbering

Beard rash

If the skin is irritated after shaving, it is likely that your technique is lagging or that you are shaving in non-skin-care foam. Maybe your razor blade needs changing. Or you don't treat according to your skin's needs. No shaving alcohol or perfumed aftershave ever. Never. Quick tips: Preferably shave only in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, most people do a light skin scraping, which will result in red, dry and irritated skin with ingrown beard hairs and bumps. Wash the skin first. Feel free to take a shower (many people can also shave there, so you don't have to wash your hands), then your skin will be bacteria-free and clean, your hair will be soft from warm water, and your shave will be gentler. If the damage has occurred, more aftercare is used, e.g. lots of Repair Spray, Defence Cream and/or Repair Oil. Preferably several times a day, so the skin has the best healing conditions. We know that keeping one's skin beautiful, healthy and clean can be an expensive investment, therefore you have the option of requesting gift cards of any amount, to be able to use in our store or webshop.

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