Skægpleje og Skægtrimning

Beards and grooming them

 The difference between a wild man's beard and a well-groomed beard is enormous. It is essential to adjust edges, keep track of length, symmetry and to keep lips free of hair. This will also highlight your mouth and give a clean and hygienic impression. Groom your beard with a comb or brush. Clean the beard and beard area with a good face wash daily, so that no breeding ground is formed for bacterial and fungal growth. A good oil or balm that is suitable to be close to the skin will complete a beard care.


We recommend getting your beard trimmed often, preferably every two to every four weeks at least. Do you want to have your beard treated? With us you can buy gift cards specifically for beard trimming.


Recommended product for beard care

For beard care, we recommend daily washing in Control Cleanser, which will thoroughly clean, moisturize and care for your newly trimmed beard without drying out the skin and keep the beard as hygienic and bacteria-free as possible.

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