Hudpleje og hudanalyse

Skin care and skin analysis

The prerequisite for well-cared for skin is a thorough analysis of the starting point. From there, you can remedy the challenges the skin may have through synergy between facial treatment and maintenance with products. A treatment can never stand alone. The products you use are what make the biggest difference. For better or worse. It is important that they are targeted to your skin and lifestyle. Follow your therapist's recommendations as you would your doctor's. Then we know there is the greatest chance of effect with the least possible effort, and you don't waste money in East and West.


We recommend a skin care treatment every 6-8 weeks. If you take care of your skin at home according to the recommendations, you can have slightly longer intervals, but at least four to six times a year for well-kept, balanced skin. Skin care treatments can be expensive in the long run, so you have the option of requesting a gift card for our treatments.


Which products are recommended for skin care?

In order to maintain well-groomed skin after a skin care treatment with us, we recommend that you use the products recommended by the therapist. As a starting point, we would recommend using our products, which contain a step 1, 2 and 3:


Step 1: Control Cleanser, which is a moisturizing and caring washing gel with organic green tea. Cleanses the skin with coconut soap rather than sulfates, so the skin feels cleaner than dried out. Lather up the washing gel with detergent and rinse off e.g. under the shower.

Step 2: Control Serum, is completely unique for home use. Removes dead skin cells and problems. Can be used on clean skin under daily cream. Used in a thin layer under a light face cream with sun protection, sun protection factor, SPF.

Step 3: Defence Cream, is a protective and healing light face cream with SPF 15. Helps the skin to achieve maximum healing and is the last step in the skin care routine. Use daily on clean skin.

Good advice: Always follow the instructions on the product so that you experience the best result.

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